More detail:

Musicoin is not just a currency, it’s an ecosystem - one that allows musicians to release their songs, create simplified licenses and pay - directly and immediately - whenever a music lover listens to a song. Musicoin employs lock and “smart agreement” technology enabling Performing a payment agreement - automatically and seamlessly - each time the listener clicks the “Play” button, they do not need industry intermediaries or monthly fees, so everyone wins. Musicoin is fully transparent for everyone in the world. Members can easily browse the block and see all the deals and deals. Musicoin is for everyone - without barriers, and users can use anywhere at any time and place. Musicoin does not charge commissions to musicians or users to play 100% of the price of Pay-per-Play from the listener. to the artist. The entire Musicoin system is fully open, and ev eryone can check the source code and help improve it. In addition, the platform will have open APIs for developers to increase value based on their ideas.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.