Let’s continue our weekly contest for song of the week.
Let this week be the week of DANCE & EDM (all sub-genres are welcome)!

Show us your tracks in this genre!
Let’s see/hear some nice tracks from our library.

Here’s how this should work:

  1. Nominate only your own track(s) by posting URL here on this topic.
  2. We would like to hear some new, quality tracks from you so releases should not be older than 2 months(on our platform).
  3. The track should be in the genre/style which is set for the current week. Those tracks totally out of the genre will be rejected.
  4. We will have different genre every week.
  5. Upvoting the post will be the way of voting.
  6. A reward for the winner will be 1000 MC.
    In case we have two or more posts/tracks with the same number of votes the oldest post will be a winner.

Voting will end on Sunday 5/6 at 9pm UTC.

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Check my new release "Bananas"
Epic Musicoin collaboation between Finch #710Music and Breez!

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Go Bananas” is an uptempo club ready synth vibe with gangsta appeal that makes use of vocal sample sequences to create the hook patterns. Would like to know what you think. Upvote if you dig. Onelove!

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I have a couple to add would be more but there over 2 months on the platform I will start with this one one of my little experiments on acid pro 7 trying to learn producing all by myself 😉 Enjoy hope it gets you moving Phobias of the Lost Souls :

Here is my next entry Calm Before The Storm part of the storm series I am currently busy trying to make for an EP

Check out my profile for the other dancey ones Dark-NRG and Mystic Sense

Here’s a recent Dance tune I made with the help of a midi equipped guitar.

Liquid Drum & Bass - High energy stuff in bound!!!

I uploaded this track so I could have a legible entry for this week’s contest. It’s called Playtime and it was really appropriate to upload as I say goodbye to a job that was giving me health issues… well, now it’s play time!

This is from an EP of mine released on Allowance Records and I wanted to put a lot of energy in to this whole EP, telling a story about how it feels to think you’re drifting along in life before realising your true potential, moving on from the bad times and look forward to the good times!

YES. I got this finished in time for this.

Here is my track Flyover Soul.

Flyover Soul on

Please enjoy everyone.



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