Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 16]!

** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 16]

Future polls will be created every Sunday 9pm UTC.
Support an artist that you like with your vote.
Click on your choice, then hit “VOTE” to register.

Check artists here
Michael Dietrich
Living Weary
Controlled Weirdness


the votes also in artist of the week 15 are shown double

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Just voted for IXIISIS ^_^


@Ivan @TEEN-ASTY Wow Thank you very much ! ✌ ☺

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having trouble voting again…

@zeljko-stanojkovski nothing happens when i click on the vote button…any help please


@shotgun21 You just select the name and hit the vote button, it should work fine. Have you tried to refresh the page?

@IXIISIS got my vote, but this week was a tough one.

@zeljko-stanojkovski got it thanks …it’s because there’s no button next to the name anymore …i miss buttons 🙂

Not sure what is going on with the double voting boxes this week.

Hmm…not sure what was going on with the actual voting boxes but in the end I think it all worked and I voted for Viz. Some great artists up for consideration again but I love the way Viz is so keen to collaborate and so busy on social media promoting all kinds of music.

Hey guys! I’m nominated to be artist of the week with my recent single Hero’s feat BetaPSI. Please cast your vote and support. Listen hear to track and review- [](link url)


Heeeello fellow Musicoiners!

Well this week I voted in favour of Living Weary (both for the intrinsic breathtaking quality of their compositions, and because rock bands seem to have near zero probability to end this contest as winners - it could be the topic of another thread, 😉 ).

The only slight worry is that I’m not sure if my vote was registered. At the moment of writing this Living Weary only counts 1 (one) vote, and I’m somewhat doubting having been the only one to choose them…

How can I explore Musicoin’s blockchain to check this out?

Thanks in advance for your lights! 🙂

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@ijatz-guatemala Hi, just hit the “votes” on the right side and you will see that your vote is there.

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