Proposal: Higher voting rights for musicians

I'm not sure of this idea. Eventually I'd assume the majority of people using this platform will be listeners just from the fact there are more non-musicians than musicians in the world. The listeners are the ones who drive this economy. Without them the artists make no money. I feel like when you see a song that is highly upvoted it should be one that listeners like and not more influenced by musicians votes. Sometimes the most technically appreciated songs by musicians aren't always the best songs for the masses.

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everybody think that he/she's the best, but only crowd make tham the best

@im To my mind this can only provoke musicians to kind of collusions. So I don't think it's a quite a good idea either.

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@im And what if just try two different separated vote systems for musicians and for other uses and two charts - so we could compare the results. This, in my humble opinion, would be great.

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If I understood the initial proposal, I believe that we need to find out an algorithm to rank and present Musicoin's best choices on the landing page in order to attract more listeners and streams.
I don't know the stats regarding the listeners streams vs the artists streams (even though artists are good enough listeners as well), but we need to attract more traffic. So I think that we could address this in two moments:

  • A ranking based on musicians votes being greater then listeners (by 2 or 3x as per @im initial proposal);

  • A ranking based on equal voting when a balanced ratio of streams by listeners and streams by musicians is achieved (again, assuming that at the present moment streams from verified artists are bigger then the others)

If possible, the landing page suggestions should be based upon the listeners historical streams and musical tastes, and a general criteria (as described above) should be applied only when there is not enough historical data.

I feel uncomfortable about this suggestion. For starters, it's so subjective. Any attempt to filter out poor material shouldn't hamper music discovery or give an unfair advantage to artists that have a large fanbase already who can be roped in to vote.

@kate-mclaughlin Great posts. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on how could work can you check it out and drop me a line thanks Tim

@metkraming There is no BEST (musician, painter, human being or whatever) out there! In my opinion voting in general makes no sense (especially for Art). Everything on this planet is totally subjective (it's an illusion 😉)... Talking about music, there is something like an individual taste. If you like something, you keep listening to it. That's already good enough! If somebody wants to support the artist with extra money it's good, too. I think it's not nescessary to have this thumbs 👍 /👎 thing. The music someone loves, another person dislikes... So who needs voting? It's always the same... if somebody is rich (or has many friends/connections whatever) wins. Now, with the great possibility of streaming music, it would be great to listen borderless and without preselections (many votings). The music industry manipulated the individual taste over so many years already... even categories for the genre are already little borders in my eyes. I think you can find great music in any genre! Every peace of music is a result of someone being creative 👏 and therefore it's worth listening to it. Another thing is that the Artist of the week should be randomized every time when you visit the page. It's fair and better for exploring new music. We can make the world a better place with small adjustments here and there. Everybody is equal! Art is free, so please be you and open minded! Please vote for no more votings! ☺


What I DO like about this idea is that VERIFIED users get more privilege than UNVERIFIED. The musician vs listener... not so much. For example I noticed that when I played an unverified musician I paid (higher cost), but when I played a verified musician it was covered by UBI. This kind of response helps encourage unverified users to get verified.

I love the simplicity of musicoin... .love love love...

so I don't want to make this too complex, but...

Maybe beyond verified and unverified, there's a way to rank a users voting power by

  1. number of WEEKS since joining?
  2. number of WEEKS active?
  3. number of WEEKS active in a meaningful way (giving at least 1 tip per week, liking at least one song per day, etc.)

In this way,
users with no tips or likes given would have 1 vote,
users with at least 5 tips / likes given would have 2x votes per vote,
users with at least 5 tips / likes for EACH of the past 4 weeks would be upgraded to 3x votes per vote.

This rewards meaningful activity, but...
rewards meaningful activity over time even more.

Sound fair? Too complex?

I guess that could make closed pool of musicians who have superpower to make the music ranking chart. That doesn't look good for me. Who listen music is listeners. Listeners should judge the rank. That looks rational for me.

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@dda-no Yes I agree! If you look at the post I made right before yours, I suggested a way where listeners AND musicians can increase their voting power by 1. meaningful activity 2. over time

if @im agrees, this would prevent us from making it musicians vs listeners, and instead would make it
unverified vs verified vs verified and ACTIVE vs verified and ACTIVE for past 4 weeks!

It means a lot more and really represents what people who USE and promote musicoin value 🙂

It also creates 3+ categories instead of just 2, which means, you're rewarded for participating THIS WEEK,
but rewarded EVEN MORE for participating consistently, instead of just being lazy for a month, and then suddenly being active for 1 day lol

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You should give some musicoin (10-20) everyday to musicians verified just for tipping other "UBI give 1 musicoin to tipping #musicians for you"
Lorenzo Pistolesi

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Great thread @im ! I reckon everybody has different skills, different roles etc. And everything is sooo subjective.. What is 'quality'? I agree with everybody replying that everybody is equal. I do think both musicians and listeners can bring up interesting perspectives on how a song is perceived. And imo all perspectives are 'true' for the world in which the music-lover (no matter if he/she is a listener or a creator) lives in. That's hard to capture into some charts, let alone what that would 'mean'. There's no experts, nor noobs..
I believe that interaction helps a lot trying to understand each other. Whether it's chatting about a track (involving listeners and creators), just playing a track, or tipping each other. I see a lot of platform enthousiasts here, let's get involved with each other and untilize the power ths platform provides!
So I'd suggest to give the platform a few 'tweaks' if possible; for example:
-Adding a UI view on our followers and a view on who we're following (next to showing the follow events on our feeds), so we can support all creators, and talk to our listeners more easily.
-Next to 'artist of the week' add a 'listener of the week' pick of staff.
-Somehow reward all members thinking along to create the vision for Musicoin and make it a 'fair' and 'fun' platform..

I'm new, so maybe I missed some new developments, and I'm catching up to what's happening here. I hope you don't mind me thinking out loud.
Mar T.

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Dont like the idea... i fully support @juxta if you like to get musicians to help, i think something like a "This might be a unauthorized cover/remix" button would do better. I think some musicians would just downvote you cause you are more successful then they are.
BTW ive never seen that upvote thing before... it might be a bit small and a bit more of contrast would help aswell

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I like the voting button alot. But does it really effect something? I mean, yeah you can see how many likes and dislikes a song has. But apart from that? I am not sure about giving musicians more voting power than listeners. I must disagree that they have a better position or better ears to judge. I experienced often that this is (sadly) not the case.

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