Remove unread posts button

Its kinda useless with all the news... im kinda annoyed by it


I think there has been a lot of posts by 3MiloE that messes up the whole forum. Maybe it has to be controled?
Some news are great, and relevant, but a few others might be uncessary. It's a lot of volume of content...
I don't want to sound annoying, I'm just thinking about the community here, it's getting a little hard to find interesting topics in all this random posting.

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I can understand that everyone is excited by Musicoin and wants to do everything they can to spread the word (including me!) but we all have limited time so I have to agree with you.

When I see 99+ at the top there is no way I am going to read through them all so I may be missing an important announcement.

Can we have some rules to make this forum awesome please?

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