Android Playback Issues

I keep getting told by my wife and a few friends that they can’t get my songs to play on their Android phones. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there a known issue with a workaround?


I experience the same very often on iOs, not to say constantly…

hope App would fix all this issues

YES experiencing the same issues. Try hitting the black play button, or incognito mode on chrome. You might try a different browser. I found that using a different browser worked more efficiently in regards to the musicoin platform. Musicoin admin are basically ignoring my messages. I surely hope they don’t think everybody is using apple devices to access music. More of a handicap to be so exclusive that way.


Embedded players hardly ever work on iOS either. I think it’s a more general problem.

Well glad to see It’s not just me. Hopefully they will resolve this issue soon as it really has a negative impact on return listeners…they just don’t come back if it doesn’t work for them 🙂

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