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We need a store to spend our coins on somewhere we can buy merchandise and stuff something we can all build on and offer the public as rewards for there support.

There are so many options for this and it would help to stabilise the price of $mc instead of it fluctuating all over with the price of $BTC

If we had more options with things to spend our coins on then we would be more inclined to buy and sell them on the exchanges as we do not have an in house exchange yet plus the miners would join in more as they would be able to buy things with there coins instead of playing the y wait until the price rockets game.


Yes @DeeJay-DarkStorm we are working on that, if you want to be part of the proyect, let me know, have a nice time.

That’s brilliant I look forward to it and would like to help out in any way I can we could offer mc branded guitar strings microphones and other music related stuff i’m sure people would even pay a 15-20% markup if they could use there coins for this so the profits would help fund future ideas and investments for the main mc team πŸ™‚

@niuquin Hi, what kind of task do you suggest to be part of the store project? I also believe it will make our dear musicoin even more valuable. I just wonder if i could help and how?


@Paddle-Reunion hey!!! I see your website, well you have the know how, lets start. I will post some T-shirts designs. Also we have a person in China with good prices. We can have a talk. Have a great weekend


1_1524853397170_t-shirt musicoin PIANOS FF2.jpg 0_1524853397170_t-shirt musicoin 1 PLAY FREE.jpg


We have an idea to work with bands and musicians with the Cover art and both logos Musicoin and Bands / Musicians

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@niuquin sounds good!! music and clothes goes together! keep in touch if i can help.

@niuquin cool designs m8 was also thinking could have designs for artists, dj producers etc saying something like musicoin blockchain musician etc on the back promoting musicoin maybe blockchain encased in a block and a chain design for the the chain bit if that makes sense got the pictures in my head if you want to have a brain storm cheers.

@niuquin Another great idea, would be great to able to spend the hard earned coin on something worth while.

Hey there people! How’re you doing today?

I was thinking in something like a society with music stores, so we as artist can spend our musicoins in musical instruments or recording stuff for example πŸ™‚

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We start here in the forum, then we will open a store more pro. We have the new channel Musicoin Store!!! Lets do it family.

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