Cryptopia Still Not Showing $MUSIC Transfers

@afac seems very suspicious imho...

@infinity really?..well how about posting a guide to help others who don't know how to do this???

look likes problem fixed on bittrex


Thanks! @musasimsek6 I confirm that also. $MUSIC is ok now at bittrex!.

@soundphaser no problem we are all same team 馃檪


@gjart Thank you. At least we know it's in maintenance at least!

@juxta This is positive news as it previously said "No connections" so to now say "Maintenance" means they are on the case 馃檪

Quick update, my Bittrex wallet is out of maintenance and I was able to get a new address. I sent a small amount out of musicoin to Bittrex to see if it'll go through.

Ok, my $MUSIC transfer from Musicoin's profile page to Bittrex has worked. Shouldn't be an issue for anyone else anymore.

Cryptopia $MUSIC wallet looks like being in maintanance since 28-th of December 馃槙

"Status message - 28/12/17 - Wallet update"

Isn't that strange?

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We have been contacting cryptopia regarding this, but they haven't responded to use yet. We'll update this thread once they do.


Be careful if you submit a support request to Cryptopia asking about a transfer as they have now stated that they will charge a 10% fee if you don't include the contract number with the support request!!!!

@juxta this is a hint, that actually deserves a thread on it's own^^ very important bit of information! Thanks for sharing that.


@pavel-omskin I guess they forgot to change the date or it just relates to the original problem. At least it seems like progress. Fingers crossed!

@juxta DOGE and LTC markets on Cryptopia have been "paused" for nearly two days as have new registrations. The unprecedented demand is killing their systems so while they scale up they've put in these measures. The point of sharing this, is to help set everybody's expectations that a fix to enable $MUSIC wallet connections again is probably pretty low down on their priority list.

Any other options besides Bittrex and Cryptopia for MUSICOIN?

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