Cryptopia Still Not Showing $MUSIC Transfers

So Cryptopia went down for maintenance earlier and is now back up.

I was hoping part of this was to fix the issue with transferring $MUSIC there but alas my transfer from a week ago is still not showing up.

There is a worrying lack of information around on the issue.

Does anyone know anything more?

I have a similar problem. I can’t transfer my coins from Cryptopia to the Musicoin wallet. Since one can only (I believe) trade $music at Cryptopia, this seems to me to be a serious problem not only for the coin holders but also to Musicoin as a whole. I hope someone is on top of this matter.


Bittrex trades §MUSIC as well.

I also use bittrex & have had no problem with that so far!


Unfortunately Bitrex are closed to new registrations due to overwhelming demand.

Yep still waiting, wanting to transfer $MUSIC soon

Yep…it would be great, if they could get it work soon. I need to trade to finance a tape release. Bittrex is unfortunately locked right now. So no chance to get in there.

Yes, its bad. Im in the same trap. I think that trading possibility on another big platform will be great step forward to the project and its creators. And for the $MUSIC price, of course.

FWIW, there’s a bunch of wallets on Bittrex that are in maintenance. It isn’t just the $MUSIC wallet.


@raymond-tang Thank you. How did you find this information please?


I logged into my bittrex account and also saw a lot of crypto marked as in wallet maintenance or offline. If you scroll through the wallets you can see a red mark with a warning


Not sure they have something similar in Cryptopia or not as there’s a lot of options in there and I’m none the wiser with most of it! Will try and look unless anyone knows?

@afac seems very suspicious imho…

@infinity really?..well how about posting a guide to help others who don’t know how to do this???

look likes problem fixed on bittrex


Thanks! @musasimsek6 I confirm that also. $MUSIC is ok now at bittrex!.

@soundphaser no problem we are all same team 🙂


@gjart Thank you. At least we know it’s in maintenance at least!

@juxta This is positive news as it previously said “No connections” so to now say “Maintenance” means they are on the case 🙂

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