Balance only appears in explorer

I spent 6 musicoin for wallet, the balance does not appear in the wallet but appears in explorer, I tried to send to cryptopia, error message appears or invalid address.

Your Musicoin account does not count as a wallet. You need to set up a Musicoin wallet to transfer to before you transfer any coin to Cryptopia.


Where do i buy and sell Musicoin? How do I store them?
“Once you’ve bought Bitcoin, you can convert them into Musicoin at Bittrex and Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange. Bittrex is recommended because of its higher liquidity. You can store your Musicoin either in your web wallet at or download a desktop wallet from our github page.”

“Send musicoins to a friend or transfer to another wallet (desktop/geth client) for safe keeping.
Warning! Exchanges will not recognize coins sent directly from your profile.”

Thank you,
This faq does not have the answers I need, I did not see anything about setting up the wallet musicoin


I have already downloaded musicoins to desktop wallet in three operations, totaling 8 musics, they appear in the musicoin block explorer, but they do not appear in the balance of the wallet, I can not transfer from the desktop wallet to cryptopia.


You need to fully synchronise the wallet. I guess your computer clock is out of sync. So you need to do a NTP sync.
you should start over by renaming the Musicoin directory to oldMusicoin.
the you start the wallet but DO NOT import your key yet.
just click “open wallet” and wait till its full synced
then you import your key

Thank you
There are some doubts, my system is ubuntu 16.04 the wallet is not installed, I open the terminal inside the folder, type ./M, press tab and enter and so it starts, I can not find the directory to rename, I already synced NtP

on Linux the Directory is ~/.Musicoin. In your home directory so you need to rename the symlink .Musicoin to start over @Ajax-Virgolino

Friend would appreciate if you could provide me with step by step, or tell me a tutorial about wallet musicoin, why the solution can not be to get another version of wallet, thank you

Not sure if there is some tutorial, but to write it down i would need a hour…

Hi MJMoonbow, I think this tutorial would help many people, for example I can not find the musicoin directory in linux etc, it would be of great help,
I could not find the symbolic link or rename it home ~/.Musicoin, thanks for the feedback.

@Ajax-Virgolino you need to enable the “Show hidden files” in your file manager in the menu…
I might gonna do it, when i got the time :)…

Olá MJMoonbow, renomeie a pasta oculta, porém não conseguir abrir a carteira, como faço para começar do zero?

Backup your key
Delete the hidden folder
start the musicoin 1.01 wallet
Click “open wallet” DO NOT import key yet
Wait a bit more
Till its fully synchronised and import your backup key

Hi MJMoonbow,
It will not be necessary to back up the key because I did not care to import it and when I enter the wallet I can not, I sent a link from the wallet musicoin 1.01. The low github does not decompress. Obrigado.

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