New wallet 1.0 problem

Hello there, i have a problem with the new wallet. When I import my UTC backup file the account doesn’t shows in the wallet. If I create new one it is showing properly in the interface. I can see my balance in the block explorer. I also tried to go back to 0.7 but there is no SEND button, so I can transfer the coins to new account. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

You must sync it

Already did that, no luck, I’ve updated the wallet before and there was no problem with previous versions.

try to rename your folder “blockchaindata” in blockchaindata.old and try a new sync


Make sure file copies correctly in the keystore folder. Location for keystore:

\AppData\Roaming\Musicoin\keystore folder under Windows, in ~./musicoin/keystore under Linux and in Username/Library/Musicoin/keystore under macOS.

You could also can try nightly build of the wallet which is already has Russian and Spanish translations.

I have a similar problem. I created a wallet yesterday, synced, transferred coins to it. Today it isn’t syncing or showing any balance. Just says “Connected to:peers” Tried to use import and file stored at \Musicoin\keystore but nothing happens.

Renaming chaindata folder made no difference.

Rebooted PC, and router, tried again and it worked. No idea what was going on there.

Your computer prolly did a automated time syncronisation after the reboot. NOrmally if you are connected to peers and its not syncing, your computer time needs to get synced. Google Time sync with ntp for your operating system

I really don’t know what went wrong with the backup of the UTC file. When I open it with text editor it is blank. I think something happened when couple weeks ago i’ve tried to update form 0.7 to 0.8, but 0.8 was not stable so I decided to wait for stable wallet.

You just need the adress and your password to restore it. Dont worry its not gone. If you have ever sent coins from your webaccount to your wallet account you can find the adress of your desktop wallet in the block explorer:

Back to not working, despite a reboot. Arghh!

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman thanks for the heads-up mate, I’have the password and the account, but is it possible to recover if the UTC is corrupt for some reason? I’ve tried to import in MEW also but no luck, it says no wallet data.

If you choose view adress on mew you can input the 0x… there.
If you do it it shows you a barcode on the site. Save the picture and import it as paperwallet

Thanks again, I’ve done what you suggested, but no luck, I think the UTC is corrupt so no chance to recover the coins. As I wrote before when i make new wallet and open the UTC file with text editor it has some parameters inside the file. With the old UTC backup when I do that there is no text in the file. Well… lesson learned - always make more than one backup and always TEST it.

you can install either go-musicoin or parity to access you wallet with public adress and password. it aint to easy though, but depending on the amount you got on your wallet, worth trying. @Георги-Щъркелов

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