Debut album ready, looking for musicians!

I am very happy to have found musicoin just a couple of days ago.

Since 2015 I have been working on my first album, but since then I have written close to 60 songs and are very eager to get going. I have finally found the right producer and everything is pretty much set up. I only need the right guys playing with me.

I am a singer and can play rhytm guitar/acoustic, I am looking for:

musicians who preferably can sing background/harmonies but also lead. I’d like to find a drummer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist. But I am very open to other instruments.

Soundwise I am aiming for a cross between old and modern rock elements. My songwriting is rooted in rock with a lot of folk and metal elements. There will be slow, fast, heavy, smoth songs and everything in between.

Think a mix of Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, Rush, Journey and sometimes a teaspoon of Iron Maiden.

I just posted my first song here:

I am located in Norway


@lars-eriko if you like to check what i do please visit my youtube channel i have many videos of live performances 🙂

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I must say I am honored to get a reply from someone like you!! 🙂

Let’s stay connected and see what the future brings. I am still a few months away from ‘launch’, and will need to get a few things sorted. but it would be very interesting to work with you, somehow, at least on some songs. I’ll send you a PM later! Blessings


@lars-eriko send me whenever you want 🙂 🙂 cheers from athens greece 🙂

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