Same song on 2 accounts ?

Just wanted to ask say if we collab or remix or do a dj mix is it ok to add the track to each account involved for max exposure?

Cheers look forward to the reply as do not want to break any rules.


Yes, of course, if there is no third party copyright then it’s easy.
For the DJ mix, it should be posted only by the artist who mixed it. ☺

Cool! How about if it’s 2 songwriters? I have a collab single coming out soon…

@zeljko-stanojkovski Thank you m8 wanted to make sure and that is cool with the Dj mix makes sense brilliant 🙂


@petrajordan If we are exclusive right holders for some particular track or have obtained the necessary rights to release the track, then there is no problem.

@zeljko-stanojkovski I keep seeing you address “rights” questions from writers who collaborate…using the word “obtained”. RESPECTFULLY…let me educate you…as you obviously don’t have a REAL clue. If you are a co-writer of a song…you are what is called a “joint-author”…and that is where your rights to share, display, perform, edit, distribute, modify…and even LICENSE the song for use is “obtained” from. As a “joint-author”…you are NOT required to ask permission from other joint authors to do these things. Your only requirement is to notify those involved in the song with the same status of any licensing deals…so that they may ensure they are registered with a performing rights society…if not already…to collect their share of any revenue generated for airplay and other areas covered by the PRO.

The only thing that overrules standard…and accepted…“joint authorship” rights…is an agreement between writers declaring unequal splits…but that NEVER diminishes the right in ANY way of the other writers to share and promote a song they took part in creating.

You need to do your homework before continuing on giving only half correct answers 🙂


@daniel-williams I understand your point but we are not concerned about collaboration as much we are concerned about who owns what. Particularly if some contracts were made with the label which could impose heavy limitations (depending on how much exploitative and detrimental the contract is for artists). We can’t guess extent of someone’s rights over track uploaded on our site.

Well I don’t know why in the world you would NOT be equally concerned with collaborations. The labels these days are NOT the end all-be all to music licensing. You can get in just as much hot water regardless of if a label is involved or not. If someone stomps on a writers rights…they stomp on a writers rights…period. The involvement…or not…of a label…is NOT the only indicator of a rights violation…or the only area you should be concerned about when it comes to the rights of writers. If that is your mentality…and it truly seems like it is…it is a very foolish one 🙂

technically specking if both songs have the same percentage in the wallet it should be ok on both band profiles i think thats is what is truly amazing about musicion if you both are the writers and involment

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Nobody said that we are not concerned about rights of writers.

Im always on the look out for new acapella for remixing, anyone up for collabs?


@Ico-Tec You can find a bunch of my stems here if you are interested:

The more we all collab the better 🙂 Increase each others audience. Share.

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