Add your tracks to Twitter playlists

@juxta & I have started to create some Twitter #tags to help surface ALL our music. When you post a link to your track, add a #MUSICOIN(genre) #tag e.g. #MUSICOINROCK #MUSICOINELECTRONIC When there are a few posts tagged you can Tweet out the link to a #tag search where they will all come up (make sure you click Latest not Top). Please don’t go crazy and flood the search by posting all your tracks in one go - be respectful to others.

Some examples


@gjart excellent idea!

@raven Thanks 🙂

@gjart Some of these links now have quite a few tracks on them. Feel free to start Tweeting them 🙂

@gjart Next week I’ll have the time to work on a twitter bot for this (an overdue appointment at a dentist makes it happen^^). So we’ll have an automated retweeter.
I will target crypto and musicbiz/tech related people with it, so we hopefully get an important audience for the RTs.

@neon-insect Awesome, mate!

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