update on my career w/ music

hey whats up its ya boy , i just wanted to say i appreciate you, for taking the time to create or listen to music on this platform and the vibes i bring . im challenging myself to release music everyday for as long as im alive , all i wanna do is progress with it and have as much fun as possible while telling the story of me , always trying to one up myself . i been applying to jobs and i have a interview tommorow at a marketing firm in nashville to manage marketing & business communications at next gen media its full time even though i really dont wanna do it and the pay is 30-40k i swear i rather create lit music vibes full time with the rest of my life . and keep investing in the things that will bring me freedom and thats music . im not sure how long ill be at the gig if i even get it to be honest im pretty sure i will though just cause how i handle business when its time. i promise i will do my best to release music day to day the least music is a song a day the most who knows . the reason for this post is to let you guys know i gotta take care of responsibilities outside of music and the cost is spending less time with the music and project and more time making a living cause nothing in life is free . i swear im kind of sad/depressed typing this cause i know the time i spend working at the firm , my soul( my creative spirit) will be telling me fuck this job every second of the day cause all i love to do and all i really wanna do with the rest of my life is make a impact with the vibes i bring to music . cant complain i man must do what he must do till he can do what he wants 24/7 . keep going guys you all inspire every time you upload your tracks cause thats the sign of humanity making it footprints on music and this platfrom to help empower others and give others new vibes and total expression to live ya best life ! im 22 at the moment and i can honestly say i rather create for the rest of my life based on the energy i feel throughout my time on this earth than commuting to a job

new music will be coming out today tho lets get it !

update on whats going ! Looks like i didnt get the gig after getting invited to 2round interview literally a hour and 20min later . i still been applying and looking , i had a show the other day it was solid you know . all i can do is keep cooking up new heat its been alot of things running around in my mental the past two days i havent released any music , i been trying to build ( @asnashville) on instagram . i run the allysian sciences subdivision here in nashville trying to take it from a website to an actual work office location in nashville . be patient with me guys i swear this music is ll i want to spend the rest of my life doing but you know in order to do that i must have income coming in at a rapid pace to live the desired lifestyle . lets see what vibes i can offer you guys on musicoin later

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