Greetings everyone, I am pleased to introduce myself as Musicoin Ambassador!

Salutions, fellow Musicoiners!

I am excited to announce that I have been made Musicoin Ambassador!

My name is Karim Mami, AKA The Reverend Maelstrohm Black, and I am the creator of the one-man Gothic Darkwave Industrial project, Taphophilia.

You can find me on most popular social media
(and the more underground ones).

I am particularly active on Twitter and Steemit and of course, on our beloved Musicoin platform!

As an Ambassador, my sphere of influence for spreading the good word far and wide about Musicoin is through “tweeting”, reposting and tagging.
I devised the #MusicoinStorm hashtag, among other things.

I am really stoked to see it gaining popularity and I invite you to tag all your Musicoin related tweets with it. It really helps in doing what me and more and more people do each day, i.e. easily find these tweets and posts with a hashtag specific search, then reposting them. Let’s keep the snowball going!

In the coming weeks, I will be devising promo campaigns for Musicoin, and I will need you to use the tag as much as possible in the mean time. I’ll keep you posted about the launch of my campaigns in this forum.

For those of you who haven’t joined Steemit and Twitter yet, I strongly advise you to do so, as it helps immensely when you tweet your Musicoin tracks, if your Twitter handle is linked to them. People can then find you if they like the music and follow you.

As far as Steemit goes, it’s one of the platforms I am, and will be, using to promote Musicoin. An example of that is this text I wrote a few weeks ago that intends to simplify and summarize the steps to take in order to convert your hard earned $MUSIC into fiat currency (“real” money). More to come soon!

Another project I have undertaken is the translation of the Official Musicoin Whitepaper in my native French language, as I am fluently bilingual and figured it would be handy to help spread the Musicoin ideology further and increase mass adoption. My translation should be complete before the beginning of March.

So that’s about it for now, thank you VERY much for reading thus far and LONG LIVE MUSICOIN!

P.S.: Please don’t let the speculating boogeymen scare you into dumping your $MUSIC for cheap on exchanges! We will be the ones who laugh last when our beloved coin goes TO THE MOON! 😉 Great things are coming, my friends, I can feel it! Keep the faith!



I have been impressed with your energy and drive since I met you and you will be a fantastic addition to the Ambassador programme!!

The Twitter tag was a great idea and I just wanted to add that if you use to play Musicoin tracks then make sure you add your Twitter link in your profile as you will then get tagged automatically when anyone tweets out about your tracks.

The #MusicoinStorm tag is automatically added to all tweets that go out from too.

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I did not know that! Pure AWESOMENESS this is! You the man, Juxta John! Thank you for congratulating me as well! I am honored and will do my best to help take Musicoin to the next level! Working together with talented people like you, I don’t doubt our success for a second!


Hi maelstrohmblack! Welcome on board! Happy you’re joining the Musicoin Ambassadors team, I’ve been Ambassador myself for a couple of weeks and it’s been great fun. It’s a wonderful team and a great community, and I’m happy to see frenchies are getting seriously involved.
Juste a note : I believe there is already a French Version of the White Paper, I’ve been correcting the translation last week, and I’ll be happy to send it over if you want.
Musicoin, to infinity and beyond!

I’ve longed for this

Congratulations mate. After seeing how busy you are on Twitter and how supportive you are of musicoin, I am not surprised about your new role. Well done!

well done, you’ve been so active on this platform and supportive to all the artists…shotgun21 salute you sir

@pamelahute Thank you! I am also very happy to get involved further in the promotion of this fantastic platform! Concerning the French Whitepaper, I wasn’t aware it had already been done. I sure would like to have a look at it! You can send it to me at Looking forward to collaborating with you as an Ambassador!

@thommo Thanks a lot! I am indeed doing this full time now, so I get to tweet a lot! I also post on Minds, Sola, Channels and Counter Social, among other things. I’m almost EVERYWHERE lol! I invite you to have a look at these platforms, if you don’t know them already…

@shotgun21 Thank you! Yes, I am quite active on the interwebs, I believe srongly these are great times we live in, as independent musicians. We can finally aspire to make a decent wage from our music, enough to make a living, without having to resort to any kind of middle men. Great times INDEED!


Hi Karim,
Congratulations Mr Ambassador! You do a great job and your encouragement and support is valued highly by us all. Your advice on joining Steemit is spot on. I managed to become a Steemian in January and am steeming on there! Even wrote some pieces about Musicoin there. For example,

See you out there in the twittersphere and other cyber venues))) Rock on…

@matthew-greasley Thank you Grizzle, that’s kind of you to say! All of us working together make for an awesome team!

@stevee Rock on indeed! The blockchain revolution is really happening, and we are all pioneers! I couldn’t be more honored than to get involved in actively promoting the instruments of this change. I value your support greatly as well, our twitter interactions, among other things, are a classic example of the power of cooperation! Let’s keep up the Great Work!

I’d love to be more involved but I just can’t seem to find the time, what with listening to all the music here, on Atom, Spotify, SC and everywhere else. And then, apart from all that, somehow, I’d like to write some more tracks - which I why I started out on this journey in the first place! Life is so hectic. Dunno how you do it my friend, I really don’t and I just wish I could keep up with it all.


@maelstrohmblack Hear, hear! It’s a bright and brave new world for us all. It’s given me renewed hope and motivation to create new music.

@thommo Don’t worry about it, just the fact that you produce all that great musick is already quite much! You devote the time you can afford to, as much as you can, on your own terms. Every contribution matters! 🙂

@stevee I share that feeling! I have found renewed inspiration and motivation like never before! Exciting times indeed!

@maelstrohmblack thanks buddy, that makes me feel a little better!!

That’s great news, now you will never have to sleep! Seriously, congratulations, you will bring lots to the program.

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