Major Musicoin Artist Collaboration! Finch #710Music and Breez

Finch #710Music and Breez Collaboration

“Bananas” Ft Finch, Breez, Tmac, Baby Aces, and Konundrum Spitzz
Click Link below for full song!

Check out my new remix of Breez’s two tracks “Go Bananas” (Ft. Tmac) and “Got Money” (Ft. Tmac, Baby Aces, and Konundrum Spitzz) with a fresh new 710 spin on things.

Don’t forget to head over to to musicoin forum to vote on your favorite remix of DJ Dark Storm’s “Storm of the Mighty” for Bloackchain Remix Contest.

Link to my “Storm of the Mighty” Remix.

Link To Musicoin BlockChain Remix Contest

Links to original songs below

"Got Money"

"Go Bananas"

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