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Hi, I have some experience developing blockchain apps, wallets and making own transaction with Ethereum. Can I make something like a label website and sell also some merch together with music on my website? I guess the easiest way to start is to use ur javascript wallet on github and make it just to create transaction, right? What about broadcasting merch smart contracts to your network?

Next release will be in the blockchain 🙂
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Hm, maybe we should look somewhere else. A month with no answer.

I don’t know why, but I got a feeling that his project is/will be dead in a month or two.


Hello @lukáš-cyberluke-satin, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

Well, I’m not a dev, but as far as I’ve seen quite a lot is taking place directly on GitHub. If I were you I’d develop and upload there one of your proposals, even without having received any “green light” from the Musicoin dev team 😉


@buleumarius Wrong feeling 😄

There are communication bottlenecks to be solved in the project, but it’s by far the most solidly established in the musical distributed / decentralized universe.

May the Force and the Faith be with you!

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Lots of fud but sometimes messages just go missing 🙂 Awesome how something like this proves how amazing the community is, message gets found and instant response from community ambassadors!

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