Uploading Tracks Hangs at License Tab

The track upload sequence hangs up at the License Tab. The ‘Please Wait’ button appears but nothing happens from that point on. I then try a page refresh and the upload fails.

I am on WIN10 and I’ve tried Chrome and FireFox Browsers.

Other tracks have uploaded without issue.


Currently having the same issue and all musicoin pages are very slow to load must be very busy this evening just keep trying I have had this before and it worked after a couple of tries good luck.


I see that you have fresh uploads so let’s assume that it works ☺

Am still trying wont refresh this one just set 100mhs to my miners aswell hope it helps complete faster think we just have to much traffic tonight?

Still no luck if this is any help and you can boost it one the other side I would be grateful 🙂 pending?tx=0x7f246f6b00bf3cd2b964899467d0365b49f68b69295da5633eeac3440f03dbe8

So left it for over 2 hours only 40mb file do I need to lower the bitrate as it still will not finish the transaction?


@deejay-darkstorm I test it just now with 60mb, took me exactly 6min for the whole process of releasing the track. So if it lasts more than 30 minutes it’s always better to try again cuz most likely something went wrong.

@Zeljko-Stanojkovski Thank you I left it all night and no luck I have just lowered the bitrate and file size to under 30mb will retry now must of just been a gremlin in the system last night fingers crossed no issues now will report back.

Seems the gremlins are still playing games with me I had to upload as basic as possible then edit the licence and description etc once live I am just waiting for the chain to update all the artists entries before my test play as it has not updated yet not sure if that was the problem as used numbers over 1 as default it 1 when there is just one artist I tried to 58 to me 6 for each other artist fingers crossed it works


@deejay-darkstorm I’m not sure that I get it, could you describe it little more?

@zeljko-stanojkovski I had to upload the track with just the royalties set to me as it didn’t like all the entries I am not sure if it was because I was trying to pay each individual track in the mix or I had entered to much info in the description.

It could also be as I tried to describe above working out the percentage for each each track as I tried multiple times entering decimals in the box and also trying with the % key after the numbers.

So I uploaded the track as basic as I could and then edited it after it was live the royalties would not save when trying to pay each track so I decided to just split the best I could between each artists main wallet instead and this has worked so far just the percentages as per the djmix guideline are a little different.

Still having problems releasing tracks been trying for 3 days to release my remix from @FINCH-710-Music no matter if I leave the description simple or change the wallet to only me it comes back with an internal error has occurred in orange upon pressing release.

I have tried on IE and Chrome tried doing it fresh each time rebooting the pc changing the mp3 name etc etc but no luck 😞
One last try deleting all my cookies other than that I really not sure what is happening.

Anybody else facing this problem ?


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@deejay-darkstorm I see that Finch’s remix is released, I’m not aware of any issues as I tried and it worked. Was it something that you maybe overlooked? ☺

The only thing I could think of is the picture art as it was a few mb for some strange reason all sorted now thanks for reaching for the follow up and sorry I did not tell you it was resolved all good now thankyou

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