Greetings from the RenascenceMusic

Hello all, Great to be here.
I am a creator in the ambient / chill / lounge genres. A sub set of New Age music. I’ve been creating for 30 years and have recently had the opportunity to push fully into the passion of music.

I am very new to crypto-currency (not real sure how I landed here to be honest) but the platform of “Fair Pay for Fair Play” truly resonates with me. I saw the label side for many years and KNOW how uneven the playing field is for musicians. So, a huge thanks to the PIONEERS of this platform.

I am learning as much as possible about it all - figuring out how to find and use a wallet was a multi-hour trip for me.

I hope you will stop by and listen to a track or two. I will be uploading my 3 past albums over the next several days.

Thanks for reading.


Welcome @Tony-Clark ! Fell free to ask anything, you will see that this forum is very active and has lots of information and people that can help you out.
Definitely going to listen to your work.

Thanks SoundPhaser,
I am posting in the technical forum with questions - I am sure I am doing lots of things wrong. Learning curve…

Right on Anthony! Well done in going full Steam ahead.
I am also new to sharing my music also, and the internet world.
I wish you good luck in finding the right thing that works for you with a crypto etc.
It would be a good idea to sign up on as well.

Lot’s of useful stuff on there regarding crypto and a great place to make new friends involved in this revolution!.. ha
Will certainly pop over to your page.

thats great ! welcome aboard !!

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