Embed your musicoin player into a Wix website

You can embed any musicoin profile or song into any Wix website, here is an exaple

Now if we could embed the music player into a site, that would be something. I’d leave soundcloud!

Woah that is great, the more integrations the merrier


thats the whole point… musicoin works for everything … no need for soundcloud 🙂

Yeah its cool and easy. Dont need to have programming skills for it.
MJ Moonbow´s Site

No programming skills is even better 😛

On wix you click on the + (Add) and choose “Other” -> HTML-Code
In the popup you paste the code below. You have to copy & paste the hex adress of the tracks and replace it the existing names aswell
And change the time… min, sec
<SCRIPT language=“JavaScript”>
// musicoin embedded playlist BETA 0.7 coded by @rapoet

var trackList=[

[“0xb969b74040b3ee1eadbf6be8581ea787d0874168”, “Dance/Trap-║ Dance! (feat. Kristin) - Raven”,4, 27],
[“0x3ba7932eb1d1cf62f945d76784576b2a0654072f”, “Electronic----║ Cloud - Sam Prock”, 1, 45],
[“0x550c7390aca73d7fd1f2a223c2754bb6980956bb”, “Electronica–║ Drop Your Weapons by Bufinjer”, 8, 31],
[“0x160a6d3eb1663f03f0374c99a0f998765ce6e133”, “SynthPop----║ Errore by Lorenzo Pistolesi”, 2, 24],
[“0x5377cc429ef1b5ef30fcb54c5d8affe891d1535d”, “Funk----------║ Brag – Kahsay”, 3, 12],
[“0x2c96276d8305f8c874c3ab54a57971e3d5a2bc63”, “Altern. Rock-║Shine On by Shotgun21”, 4, 10],
[“0xdf841383135c740798b410745a30f80fb188e055”, “Electronica–║ Dontmeanathing by Dephinite”, 5, 40],
[“0x22acf74df6c419bda75ad18ff80175f261b4ccfb”, “Electronica–║ Slavery – Fiction: The Antipop”, 3, 12],
[“0x5f3538c2473759d5b20bf6eb5df1b018410db9ea”, “Electronica–║ In Touch With The Dead by THESPEAKERBREAKER”, 4, 13],
[“0xcc7912a6888317d5a393afba56638b99b7800b96”, “Electronic----║Desert Dream by Newen X”, 4, 35],
[“0x01ebf1393094b36a03b2cc140de5e2aa837e9f83”, “Songwriter—║ Ode to a Friend (TC Newman Remix) by Jon Magnusson”, 3, 53],
[“0x2fce4c3016c0654b94c9cc0f8ab798a57789faf1”, “Rock----------║ Mona Lisa - Juxta”, 3, 41],
[“0xcd6e13648835d094043c13962a06a3a4a7d94ecd”, “Electronic----║ Binary Being by T. C. Newman”, 3, 33],
[“0x3bf00d390aa5736b804b6c7bf42d8ddbc088b4e0”, “Electronica–║ Obedub (Edit) by Spaceschneider”, 3, 21],
[“0x7980abb5b25e6c8c666bb8f8b11ff6f83a0b5140”, “Electronica–║ Un día de aburrimiento by Walter Fini”, 4, 11],
[“0xd6259f20e873d69aa369072e2f73a61f58a864d7”, “Metal---------║ Path Of The Death by Omega Kane”, 4, 27],
[“0x2514266a588290115852a7db76bbc1ce32fb91be”, “Electronic—║ Forget by DNPQ”, 2, 57],
[“0x478f9f9a92ee5490a6a9df93037f996e333a89e2”, “Electronic—║ In Absentia Lucis Tenebrae Vincunt (Unmastered) by Taphophilia”,4, 23],
[“0x3e2f258d53cff36e356ef76a81c6021fff03f8ff”, “HipHop------║Alex W. // prod. by BenDiS MuziK”,2, 50],
[“0x3e2f258d53cff36e356ef76a81c6021fff03f8ff”, “HipHop------║An den Docks - B zum K // prod. by BenDiS MuziK”,3, 30],
[“0xf08a96db7c4b47de18392235a0104bc1820b70bc”, “Electronic—║ Symbyotic Frequencies - Featuring Musicar by Clubfungus”,6, 28],
[“0x6fe970c3afd69a9a86c4253c81c8ddd47e008f60”, “Electronica–║ Fluchtgeschwindigkeit – MJ Moonbow”,2, 19],
[“0x748bd8be7f6c3978b071a8d9e82be9836fee3a5b”, “<b>Tip the Developer SelfSuffice:</b><br>Confused (Chapter 2)”, 1, 59]
]; whenYouUpdated =“11.03.2018”;
var skipd; thePlayList=""; secs=""; shufl=""; playD=""; stoP=""; preStop=""; mins=0; topCount=0; randUm=0;

function loadTracks()
{topCount = trackList.length-1; thePlayList +=’<b>$MUSICOIN Top ‘+trackList.length+’ </b> Updated ‘+whenYouUpdated+’<ol>’;
for (i=0; i<trackList.length; i++){if(trackList[i][3]<10){secs=“0”;}
thePlayList += ‘<li> <a href=“https://musicoin.org/track/’+trackList[i][0]+’”>’+trackList[i][1]+’</a> ‘+trackList[i][2]+’:’+secs+trackList[i][3]+’</li>’; secs="";}
preStop=“false”; document.getElementById(“trackLinks”).innerHTML=thePlayList; nextHit();}

function nextHit(){if(shufl==“is on”){ranDum();} topCount++; if(topCount==trackList.length){topCount=0;}
document.getElementById(“playcoins”).innerHTML=’<iframe width=“100%” src=“https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/’+trackList[topCount][0]+’?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview=’+preStop+’” frameborder=“0” scrolling=“no” allowfullscreen></iframe>’;
playD=‘loading track ‘+(topCount+1); if(preStop==“true”){playD=(topCount+1)+’ stopped’;} document.getElementById(“trackPlayed”).innerHTML=playD;
mins=trackList[topCount][2]*60000+trackList[topCount][3]*1000; skipd=setTimeout(function(){nextHit();}, mins);}

function ranDum(){var wheN=new Date(); randUm=wheN.getMilliseconds()%trackList.length;
if(topCount-1==randUm){topCount=randUm+(trackList.length/2); if(topCount>=trackList.length){topCount=topCount-trackList.length;}} else{topCount=randUm;}}

function shufIt(){clearTimeout(skipd); if(shufl==“is on”){shufl="";} else{shufl=“is on”;}
document.getElementById(“buttons”).innerHTML=’ SHUFFLE '+shufl; nextHit();}
function skipIt(){clearTimeout(skipd); nextHit();}
function stopIt(){clearTimeout(skipd); if(stoP==“PLAY|>”){stoP=“STOP[]”; preStop=“false”;}
else{stoP=“PLAY|>”; preStop=“true”;} document.getElementById(“bustop”).innerHTML=stoP; nextHit();}

<style type=“text/css”>
body {background-color:#000000; color: #FFFFFF; font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;}
a:link {color:#0492C5; text-decoration: none;}
a:visited {color:#0492C5; text-decoration: none;}
a:hover {color:#E9C20B; text-decoration: none;}
.dontBreak{float:left; text-align:left;}

<body onload=“loadTracks();”>

Rapoets musicoin playlist <font color=“ff0000”>BETA 0.7 (takes a minute to load)</font>
<br><br><div id=“playcoins” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”> . </div>
<div class=“dontBreak” id=“buttons0” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”>## <a href="#" onclick=“shufIt();”></div>
<div class=“dontBreak” id=“buttons” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”> SHUFFLE </div>
<div class=“dontBreak” id=“button1” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”>
</a>##<a href="#" onclick=“skipIt();”>SKIP|>|></a> ##<a href="#" onclick=“stopIt();”></div>
<div class=“dontBreak” id=“bustop” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”>STOP[]</div></a> ##

<div id=“trackLinks” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”>Check these artists!</div></ol>
<div id=“trackPlayed” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”>Check these artists!</div>

If you like this playlist, leave a tip for the DJ,
<a href=“https://musicoin.org/artist/0x2bc6a3a65edca036b12970e2eb4f705e04f4600c”>
MJ Moonbow</a>.<br>
If you use this embeddable player, leave a tip for the developer
<a href=“https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0x2b24c7244c509f2ddfb32597c6d820fc2449d213”>
@RapOet</a> on $Musicoin.


WOAH ! Tinman you have just gone and blown my mind ! completely out of the loop as far as your info is concerned , I mean i don’t even know what a wix website is…? I think i may be a little behind in the tech field.

Lol @clive-fuller its a free website provider, where you can build your website with a kit:

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman thank you , i shall look into it at some point

I used Bravesites for mine, I need to edit the player size though since I embedded those before the player update. http://hydrohellsing.bravesites.com/

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