After writing this piece and leaving it bare for a while, I have found a new found love for it and happy to collab with the right folk 🙂

I really think with the right mix this could have an effect on people!!
Some wicked atmospheric Trance played on my acoustic.

The story goes…
The Morning After is a tune which was written at 7am after being out all night taking happy pills…

It tells the tale of walking home in the eery quietness of the morning after the nightclub.
Catching glimpses of the suns rays in between the cracks of the houses and streets.
Finally making it to the comforting sight of the big front door to your home.

Of course the day was spent in bed with a few munchies and cheeches…
You know how it goes 🙂


I would love to play this live onstage in Ibiza, @3am, chill every body down for a bit and slowly bring them back up into it…
Everybody off their heads having a good time 🙂
That could happen 🙂
0_1524231041817_the morning after pic.png
Let me know if you feel it 🙂

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