Drum and Bass Mix's

Hi all I am interested in doing a blockchain mix for drum and bass as this is the main style I am busy with at present so please add your tracks below for me to review to be included in my mix thankyou.

Here is a few artists and tracks I have found so far if you are on this this please get in touch so I can grab a copy of your track to mix with cheers 🙂


Also if you would like to be included in this playlist just give me a shout


ill shout it out to some friend i have and send them to you 🙂 nice one 🙂

Thanks bro off to enjoy the sunshine thats long overdue over here have a great day 🙂

Still working on this one would like a few more tracks so get them drum and bass tracks to my attention

Just done my first mix for this waiting on the upload now here is the contract hope other Dj's can join in and do more mix's currently you can only share up to 8 wallets/addresses so please keep that in mind when you are doing your mix

Seems the site is so busy tonight it does not want to complete yet I will keep trying and add the link once done cheers 🙂


I did also try to set the royalties to 60% me 5.7 to the other artists but it didnt like that for some reason I will alter it once its live

Got it uploaded had to do it basic then edit but still having problems with the shares if any admin could get in touch with me that would be great it might just be waiting on confirms on the chain so I will give it some more time.



I have tried numerous times and ways to update the payment distributions but it does not seem to like me please can an admin help me out thankyou 🙂

Every edit I try to make to the payment distrubution fails and goes back to only 100% me no other artists are added. I have tried using numbers like 58 me and 6 for each track and also tried % like 58% me etc I think I am doing something wrong because when it it only you in the payment section it gives you 1 so I am not sure how to set it up to share to everyone thanks 🙂

Ok after much messing round I decided to link the wallets to the actual artists themselves and this seems to have worked for now and might be a better way for now untill we can support more payments per track we will now be able to include lots of tracks from 7 other artists.

I did what I was entering before the number like 15 not % Hope this helps anyone else looking to do there own mix's cheers track is now live come listen and enjoy https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x6ebe395cb1dead600e0ad044ec0e09c15640a9d8


@DeeJay-DarkStorm good job! Listening now!

@soundphaser Thankyou much appreciated hope some better Dj's can get some more mix's going now and showcase some of this awesome talent we have here on the platform

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