Musicoin Artist. An Introduction To Myself :)

Greetings Musicoin.
I am Jeff, 37 years of age and a British guitar player of 20 years,
I just never told anyone. dohhh lol

I am from a small town far down in the South West of England and have been playing music since I was 15.
Self taught with no books 🙂

I left school with little qualifications and sunk into a 9-5 job pretty quickly, as further education was rather confusing back then and the internet was simply rubbish, plus everybody else was working and it seemed the right thing to do.
(small town syndrome) ha

So life went on. jumping in and out of jobs, trying to find my purpose.

I had worked heaps of jobs in the past years, Construction, Healthcare/Hospital, Taxi Driver, Barman, Factory, Office work.
The list goes on, Dam, one time I even worked overseas for 3 months and never got paid for it. 😞

So for years I was a slave to mostly the minimum wage and was giving employers all of my valuable time.!
In the end, my lust for music and the guitar were sadly slipping away.
My instruments became ornaments in the dusty corner of my music space.

Liiiisten to your heart Jeff!!!

I played the guitar every day when I arrived home from work back then.
It was my mental saviour and gave me such relief from all the shitty jobs I was doing and the dumb ass people I was working with, but I never thought or had the confidence to pursue it for a living.
Even though my heart was crying out years ago.

I was conditioned to treat it as a hobby…know what i mean?
You cant make a living playing that!!

So with peer pressure and liitle knowledge of the music industry, I continued to treat it as a hobby for many more years to come.

Sustaining Work, rent, bills, car maintenence, life, and relationships in the small town I was in, things eventually got to much for me.
I finally broke down and cracked in the early months of 2016 … Who was I?
Was I Jeff the cab driver? Insurance seller? Barman? Grasscutter?

No freekn way dude. I’m Jeff the guitarist!!
I denied my inner feelings of happiness for years, only looking towards the material comforts in life, and what others had around me…
But then it clicked.

I realized I had something that was worth a trillion more times valuable than bladdy money, and that was my musical ability…

I thought long and hard and had $4000 in savings and had little non-material responsibility.

So in 2016, I plucked up the courage to say goodbye to my responsibilities and loved ones and booked a one-way ticket to Asia, bringing just my guitar and a backpack, to bring my lust for guitar back and to pursue my musical destiny.!

It’s been 3 years now!!

It hasn’t been easy, I have been robbed of my things, a victim of attempted theft on a moving motorbike. Police corruption, dam, but the weather is better than England though, and it has given me the time to explore myself and the chance to gain my lust for life back and most importantly,
to release my music. 🙂

I will say though that for 2 out of the 3 years of being away I was floating in and out of bands, trying to find my way, not finding the right chemistry.!

So last year I released my own solo material.
That’s what I will be uploading to Musicoin 🙂

If ya have got this far and are a little intrigued, come check me out on my social media platforms.
I only bought a computer last year though for the first time ever… so I am catching up on releasing inner creations, but new music coming soon 🙂

I live in Cambodia now where I teach music to the not so fortunate ones.
Sharing skills and Musicoin wherever I go 🙂

Drop me a message if my story inspires you.
You are worth it man, you just have to accept it and love yourself a little enough to fix things…
Something I never did, and still have a hard time doing so.

Thanks for reading,
Have a splendid day and I hope Musicoin brings you opportunities like never before.

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Wicked Jeff very interesting reading and introduction m8 I am also in a little town in south west of England haha and just hit 38 🙂 Also my sister is a teacher now in Cambodia I think or very near there what a small world hey.

I have also had a crazy life and been very ill for the last 20 years but I am now coming back to my music full throttle for the love of it too not for fame money or any of that nonsense but it would be nice to be able to buy a house big enough for my family and my music setup but hey ho i’m happy its just a little goal for the future.

I am also self taught due to my illness not being able to get out there and get involved with others but am still looking for my instrument other than the turntables and pc hoping I will find it soon as my link with guitars , bass and keyboards is not very strong.

So Bigups Jeff hope life is treating you much better over there and also hit me up anytime m8 would be great to get to know you better and please tag me in your tracks so I can have a listen as all this new music can be overwhelming to keep track of so many great artists on the platform hoping I can clone and sync myself to enjoy it all hehe.


@Jeffguitar @DeeJay-DarkStorm guys my respects to both of you 🙂 🙂 i read both your posts about your lifes till now … its good to know people behind ‘‘user names’’… and really i was amazed… my respects… music is health and is connecting people and the world 🙂 have a good day…

@asterios-papastamatakis Absolutely brother. Music has saved my ass from going insane for sure.
Now I just need to meet like-minded others and get my sounds heard across the world 🙂

you guys stories is really inspiring , i can relate , although im 22 ive had my fair share of my time being wasted by working different jobs from mcdonalds ,ups,ross,american redcross, d2d sales , delivery and fedex . i despised working for someone else, that led to me to invest in stocks then realizing thats not where its at $ wise so i invested in real estate and cryptos , and , i rather make and release music for as long as im alive man i feel you guys , i rather use my imagination and talent with vibes to create a better life for myself and friends fans and family . cause most of my friends are out drinking/smoking/partying yeah thats cool but all i really want to do is make music even though they dont support me lol hey no worries thats why musicoin is a revolutionary platform man yeah the mc worth x amount right now but they can be y amount in the later future . guys keep love what youre doing everything will be alright

Great story Jeff!
I hope you keep on making music and fulfilling that inner drive to create.


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