Videocoin.. Musicoins Bro

I was just thinking about Musicoin applying Videocoin… people can reward hard efforts put in for video production to their music 🙂
I know other platforms like Dtube etc reward content providers, But I will be very lucky to recieve an upvote from them. I am sure I am not the only one.
So the same service as Musicoin except for music videos 🙂

I think they could integrate this in the future. It is possible


i think they will in the future… and its a good way to bring a lot of people from youtube here where this place is only dedicated to music 🙂

I was just going to make this suggestion! Streaming videos and getting paid per play rather than per 7 day payouts like on DTube/DLive, is going to make Musicoin a MASSIVE success!!! This is the new MTV ladies and gentlemen, just much better 😉


It is planned for the future

@niuquin Awesome in this case I hope the future arrives very soon. I love musicoin and would love to see the video version go on line soon.

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