New to Musicoin. Happy to be here.

Hi Everybody,

I am new to Musicoin having uploaded my latest album (leaving richmond: Subcircuits) and a single (Immersion) not too long ago. I create ambient, chill instrumental-electronic music.

I am very much looking forward to sharing my music with the community here and to checking out the amazing work of the other artists on the site.

Does anyone have any good tips or recommendation on how to reach more ears via this site? My apologies if that’s a silly question or if I am in the wrong part of the forum, it’s just that I see some artists posting some amazing stream counts! I really believe in what Musicoin is working towards and I want to be as big a part of it as possible.



welcome jordan, the best way is always to share your music to as many different social media platforms you can…(facebook-twitter etc) that’s what basically most of the people do… eventually when everybody shares that will bring more listeners to the musicoin platform… also being active in the forum is important cause there are a lot of things happening like contest of every kind that help expose your music more to the musicoin community and when you share more people outside musicoin learn about whats going on… dont hesitate and feel free to ask anything you want… this is what the forum is here for : connecting musicians from all over the world 🙂

Thanks so much! Looks like a great community is being forged here and I look forward to meeting more people.

I did have a question about submitting music for the contests of the week. How does an artist go about doing that?


@leaving_richmond every week is a different genre contest, so if you see this week is jazz and blues , in the beginning of every week the genre is announced and if you see that your music fits you post it in the thread, as described in the info ‘‘Upvoting the post will be the way of voting’’ so you post your link of the song from your profile and anyone that likes it can upvote it 🙂

thank you!


Hi @leaving_richmond ! Welcome to Musicoin! If I may I want to add up to what @Asterios-Papastamatakis said and suggest you add your profile link in your signature here in the forum. Personally when I see a good post from someone I don’t know I tend to listen to their music!

Ah, perfect. Thank you for the advice!


Welcome Jordan!!! Best wishes, Solar hug

thank you! nice to know all of you!

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