Reward for playlists?

Hi @ all,

I speak for myself I curated a lot of playlists and spend a lot of time on Spotify to create them. Gaining a lot of followers, but certainly at a time I came to the sense that is was a time waste and there was nothing how I was ever rewarded for in the future.

Was wondering is there a reward for individuals who create playlists?

Sry if this was already answered, I’m completely new to this project.

@im, what do you think about this use case? Is it possible to create a smart contract for playlists, which will transfer some $MUSIC from listeners account to playlist creator account when a playlist is played? And of-course the smart contract for songs will still be in effect & earning money for Musicians as usual!


Hey @styles-b You can change the DJ name at the bottom of embedded playlist BETA 0.4 so people who like you’re playlist can tip you.

Hi @infinity did you see the video with Deadly Buda yesterday? One of the features being developed is a DJ feature (you can test it now) that gives 40% to the DJ and 60% divided among the artists on the playlist. So that’s a more direct and automatic way to receive compensation for curating a playlist.

There’s 2 options so far



@KHAiiM should be highly rewarded for his playlist iniciative!

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