How would you reward your fans for tipping?

Woah Thanks everyone for the great input! This community is amazing 🙂
@niuQuin ; Haha of course! Making more music is an amazing way to pay them back. After all they are the ones allowing you to make music. Maybe doing a draw is how we will reward you for this feedback 😉 😉

@Hydro-Hellsing Definitely some interesting stuff here. Contests are great, what kind of stuff would you like to do? Shoutsouts on tracks are also an awesome way to keep your fans engaged. Just ask Nine inch nails (super interesting paper on what they did here)

@Soundphaser Autographed merch, good one.

@Ijatz-Guatemala Just in the same country? I thought we were all going to be traveling the world together with musicoin haha

@MikeyDaGreat Great idea Mikey. Always good to motivate people to tip more. After all nothing is charity!

@Jeffguitar Woaaah lessons! that is a great one, could totally see that happen. How cool would that be 🙂 How would you implement this if you get more fans giving you coins?

@Asterios-Papastamatakis Like it. Give something back with the tips you give. Smart contract for sending tracks 🙂 We are also working on ways for the listeners to contact the musicians. It is so much more fun to make music when that is possible. Do you have any ideas on how musicians could contact you? Preferably through the speaker of course 😛

@Hydro-Hellsing people will download songs anyway. Imagine what you could do knowing where your true fans are though! if someone pays you 1,50 for a song then isn’t he also much more likely to buy merch, attend concerts etc? Stuff you really earn on!


@volareo the way i think of it is that even listeners have to login right?? so the system has their email… lets suppose that what i wrote (((’‘maybe as an option it could be if somebody would tip more that 20 coins then he would get the mp3 as a gift in his mail… or if they tip all the songs of an album like 10 coins to every song they would get the album mp3 in their mail… or if they tip 1500 coins they will get the album by post in their mail…’’))) its the case … then as an artist anyway ill know that they tipped me from my profile in musicoin… but i also get the notification in my mail… so in this or with this notification from musicoin in my mail maybe i could get the email from the person that tipped and then for example if they tipped 1500 coins ill know that i have to send them the album or… if there is a smart contract when i upload my tracks in musicoin that would say that if somebody tip x amount of coins then the system will permit them to download … so basically this will be based on the choices ill have on smart contracts when i upload my music… something that youll have to consider with the musicoin team 🙂

@volareo Thanks for the reply. A lot of good answers on there to everone 🙂

Well for me as a Solo guitarist my fans would like to learn my music. as instrumental guitar tends to attract people who enjoy the same nature,but i have no proper/easy way to implement the sales and advertising of lessons with my computer skillset.
My fanbase is only going to get bigger which is great!! So I would love to see a kind of personal store related to the artist where fans and supporters could buy merch or tablature, video lessons. Similar to the Swift Coin setup?
Or even a monthly subscription fee to see bonus content and extras, like Patreon say 🙂
Can ya feel it? Ha

@volareo Yeah but for the average artist or the artist just getting started it would be quite a while before concerts and merch could be distributed, I have a clothing line called Fresh Urb but the online prices are expensive and I only get a $3 cut from each sale, I’m looking to get a screen printing kit at some point to do it myself.

Like I said they’re gonna get the music anyway if they really want it lol, but until an actual fanbase is grown or Musicoin/Sponsors put up front money we’re pretty much gonna deal with streams and tips for a while first.

For contests’ it depends on the money that comes from the music, like said above the volareo speakers are a nice prize, maybe let fans themselves collaborate, music gear like home studio package or Mic’s, Phones, Tablets, Streaming Boxes like Roku and the like. It really comes down to what we can afford at the time and what Musicoin’s on, the mobile app has yet to be made so a Musicoin Roku channel’s probably a ways off as well lol.

@asterios-papastamatakis Great suggestion definitely adding it to the list. Thanks for your input!

@Jeffguitar Monthly subscriptions, oeh that sounds cool! Lots of people would love that I think 🙂 I feel it for sure.

@Hydro-Hellsing Fair point, some artists might not be able to do concerts yet! Will take it with us 🙂

@charlie-mancini 🙂 What more can we do?


@volareo guys i also read this in an article that is a great idea you might consider : “Artists can include a parameter in the smart contract which shares a percentage of the revenue generated with fans who shared their songs. This incentive creates a powerful referral program. Once the artist has reached a certain level of promotion, he can then just as easily dial down or end the revenue sharing. Fans can then spend the acquired tokens in that same ecosystem towards merchandise or concert tickets. Fans turn into active promoters.”

@volareo The artists can create specific music for those who are showing to be trulls supportive; like bonus-exclusive music. These kind of extras are very attractive to music fans. 🙂

@Volareo Reward them with some credits.
Eg if you tip 10 mc you get 10 credits for it.
With those credits they should be able to get something in a “Credit Shop”. In the Credit shop you can offer merchandise, digital downloads for all artists. So if you tip one artist you could get merch of another one aswell or save for somethin like a musicoin t-shirt.

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