Wishes for public profile
  • Give our songs some more room. There kinda squeezed. I would rather see the “Posts” at the side (Desktopversion)… It really would be cool if you could see the coverarts larger
  • Editable song order or highlight of tracks
  • Let us see who is following us and whom we follow
    *Set tracks private
  • Album/EP/Single release look
  • Section for unpaid songs like workind demo, interviews…
  • Genre playlists to promote artists
    *Buy link or download for songs
  • Stats about listeners
  • Emailsubscriber for listeners
  • Concerts, Events of the artists (hideable)
  • Metadate (ISCR, UPC, Copyright, Release date)
  • Report to Soundscan
  • Hmm maybe Musicoin could even provied ISCR
    Thats about all i could think of for now…thats how my dream page would look like

One more thing lol
Notification about actions like upvote, tips, follows


@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman notifications about upvote tips and follows they allready come to the mail 🙂

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@Asterios-Papastamatakis hmm weird i dont get emails about it…i got the proper email in my profile but signed with twitter…


@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman i dont know, but everytime somebody follows me or tip it comes as a message to my gmail… i signed up with facebook

What a great list. Some excellent ideas for the future here. I would also like to be able to add/edit tags (not the basic genre tags but tags such as ‘Space’, ‘Love’ etc),

Something like keywords and moods yeah…
dont like to fill em out too much lol, but its good to have them 🙂

Absolutely Incredible post! That Soundscan report is the greatest idea. All those ideas should be done. + Incorporating BMI/ASCAP etc registration into the mix would make Musicoin top notch.

Not all of those are my ideas, just put them together 🙂

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