Greek Video Section Εδω ποσταρουμε τα βιντεο μας.

Video Section. Εδω ποσταρουμε τα βιντεο μας και το λινκ του κομματιου στο musicoin που αντιστοιχεί στο βιντεο.

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@george-moutafis νταξ... ειχα καιρο να το δω... τι ωραια που ητανε εκεινο το βραδυ...

@asterios-papastamatakis και μεις περάσαμε πολύ ωραία, αν έχεις τέτοιο team!!! 🙂 thanx for the subscribe!

check out if you want the Full video Playlist of the Groove Elation Project 'album called 'Between Realities'' and see what happened at Sierra studio! 🙂

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@Asterios Papastamatakis: I'm going totally crazy about this song! Give me more funk please!!! 😄 Just great!


Εξαιρετικός ήχος, καθαρή μαγεία

@Asterios Papastamatakis: Definitively will do so. I'll listen to it today while programming on my master thesis stuff. I'm sure it supports my creativity (;

By the way, here's one of our live vids from the release party of our first album "Oxymoron" in 2015. Pretty different style of music but some of you may like it anyway.

@marco-meier great work guys! keep up! im going to check them out 🙂

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