Suggestions for Musicoin Desktop Wallet

Now that wallet v1.0 is out, we’re all ears for potential features and cool stuff that you’d like in the next release of the wallet 🙂

Dropdown menu on the “Sent” function from an adressbook
Sending multiple tranfers at once from the adress book (eg poollist)

changing location of chanedata folder


@metkraming said in Suggestions for Musicoin Desktop Wallet:

changing location of chanedata folder

Already done in nightly builds at

Dropdown menu on the “Sent” function from an adressbook

Is not done because, if you clicking on to send from, the accounts lists, you most likely want to send from the account you clicked on. Send Funds and Sends Funds from the menu has the dropdown, since you not selecting special account. Adding dropdown here, could confuse user, as she/he could select another account, but not the one he/she clicked on.

@cryptofuture good news. thx

Great news

Put a link to log files in the menu 🙂 for easier troubleshooting

Adding the ability to generate a QR code for the wallet, so it can be used in conjunction with the Coinomi mobile wallet.

Import with public adress and password
console input/output tab

Move the wallet buttons to the side, since there kinda in the way of the message system:

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