Hiya guys,

It may already be a feature that I just haven’t looked hard enough for. But what would people think to a customisable artist front page?

Similar to how soundcloud works, you would be able to group songs from an album of yours into a playlist with the name of the album or EP and feature up to 4 albums / EPs / Singles on your artist page, then have a tab that says ‘all tracks from this artist’ that would show all of the artist’s releases track by track.

I think that something along these lines and possibly reducing the size of the ‘posts’ section of the artist page would make viewing a certain artist easier, more enjoyable and more appealing to the mass music streaming market for adoption.

Lewis & Ben

A playlist function would be cool, but even just the ability to re-arrange the order of our songs as they appear on our pages would be great in the meantime


playlist that somebody can embed and rearrange the songs and have the function to crossfade between the songs as somebody mention on the forum and also to be able to configure the crossfade…

Was literally ready to create a post about this myself,

for artists to fully customize their artist profile to detail, to allow listeners to listen to albums/eps properly is a feature that’s really needed for musicoin.

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