Whale on $Music or suspicious activities - Unbelievable (71% of whole supply)

hey guys, so I was browsing the network (casual fun) and came across this adress miner 0xb0df05872edeacd9d6cdf483e6d4c28dea930c41at first nothing to worry about then I noticed that most of his funds where transfered to this adress 0xea62a60b127efd524b6e19791bcb374a49302c71

As we speak the person behind this adress owns 71% of the whole circulating supply... 447 Millions $Music - around 9M $

What I've also noticed is that :

1 - He just mined around 103 657 $Music starting July 2017 (pool data)
2 - the first transaction on the whale account is from yesterday starting at 447260226.062842 MUSIC and I can't find earlier transactions. Can someone explain me this?
3 - he/she is holding - few callouts from this address
4 - Multiple payment from same block

So, my questions are : What the Hell is going on ? How someone can get that much $Music ? Is that the Ubi pool ? why the address is starting at 447 M $Music ?

so much more questions but I don't want to raise anymore suspicion on this address. Im just worried that he/she can crash the whole Musicoin economy... or maybe I just didn't search properly... Anyway.


0xea62a60b127efd524b6e19791bcb374a49302c71 - bittrex cold wallet

yep. Just figured out.

Feel stupid as fuck.


Glad that you guys figured it out. Locking this for future ref.

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