Just A query

@jeff-sleeman ok then … the best thing to do then is what @Zeljko-Stanojkovski wrote you on the bottom of the page …
zeljko wrote you… ‘’‘Hello @Jeff, most likely you have created one more account by accident and right now you are logged in with that account.
You can clear browser history and try login to your profile with one of social accounts linked to your Musicoin profile. In case that doesn’t work, please send an email to reviewers@musicoin.org explaining your case.’’’ he is an administrator and we are just users so its best to follow his instructions 🙂

@asterios-papastamatakis Yes i have tried that and still no joy. I re-log in with facebook and twitter and everything is the same. Have sent email regarding 🙂


@jeff-sleeman ok admins are busy people but always reply and they try their best so everyone of us have a nice experience on musicoin so wait for one of them to help you … this is the proper way and what all of us do 🙂

Lol This is why I suggested creating a new account, I don’t know if admin can change the log in and all that stuff or what the real problem is, so yeah it’s a good idea to wait for their response.

I just know that since admin knows who you are and your already verified on the account your using you could get verified probably the same day and just transfer your musicoins, the best way, just in case you create a new account and can’t log into the one your using now, is to download the musicoin wallet app if you haven’t already and transfer the coins to that, than create a new account.

@hydro-hellsing Ah man this has got super confusing for me…
I am a bit clearer on my problem.

It seems I signed up with my google account in Feb as i have gmail notifications from people tipping and followers… Even some messages!!
messages and followers from @bufinjer @taphophilia @DjDarkstorm

( Now on my curren and only forum I know of I can not see those followers?)

@hydro-hellsing So from late feb to now i didnt post anything on musicoin and didnt know about the forum page.

I posted some tracks and i got notifications sent to my main email address and not gmail… And they are the followers you see now on my forum

Sorry , I posted some tracks yesterday… and notifications are going to a different email address and not gmail.

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