Just A query

Hey all. I am pretty new to Musicoin.
Fantastic platform thats perfect for the independent musician such as myself.

My problem is that, on my musicoin track page I can see all of my tracks nice and lovely.
But when I click on home or forum it takes me to a different account?
I have no avatar and my uploads say 0
What have I done or what is that all about?


Hello @Jeff, most likely you have created one more account by accident and right now you are logged in with that account.
You can clear browser history and try login to your profile with one of social accounts linked to your Musicoin profile. In case that doesn’t work, please send an email to reviewers@musicoin.org explaining your case.

ok I will have to do that.
This sux. I have logged out of everything and when I sign back in with either of my connected accounts it is still the same.
I can see my tunes fine on my tune page, but this profile im using here seems to be blank!

Also with this account im using for this message I cant seem to log out on the dropdown menu

Yes. It’s a complete nightmare. Im quite a noob and alone…

It seems that I must have connected two accounts.
the one I am typing on here is different to my sounds page.
It wont change no matter what I do!!!

I have unlinked my accounts, twitter and google and its still the same!

It shouldnt be saying Jeff Sleeman either… I think that is my google account

@jeff-sleeman Well your artist name isn’t listed as JEFF SLEEMAN cuz I did a search and nothing popped up, post or put your Artist page link in your forum signature here and I can look at that but it should be your artist name since your real name isn’t bringing anything up.

@hydro-hellsing So just to answer a quick question… When I made my account, does the profile I made with my sounds automatically switch over to my forum account? I mean should there be a picture in my avatar, the same as my music page?

@jeff-sleeman Lol That’s the profile link for all of us I meant the link that looks like this https://musicoin.org/artist/0x82309cedcc7444c8ed34e1d0073bc4757ad242c8

Scroll down your profile page and it says “view your public profile page here”

@jeff-sleeman Yep just says Jeff, so do you go by Jeff Sleeman or do you have a different artist name? If it’s due to Google you could always change your Google name.

@hydro-hellsing I have tried everything, unlinking accounts, I will say that it does not let me log out of the forum page though… nithing happens when i press it.

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