Volume control on the player.

Hi guys, I was just looking for a volume and mute control on the player and noticed there isn’t one.
I was wondering, it would be nice to be able to control the volume directly from the player as a listener it would be awesome especially for those like me that maybe receive phonecalls and work on other things while listening to music on the site sometimes need to maybe reduce the volume temporarily while talking to somebody, without having to mess around on the computer or stopping the track I’m listening to.


@Remo-Fiore I think this is already being taken care of, as per other comments on discord or slack. Nevertheless it is something that the dev’s should confirm.

@soundphaser Yes, well it was just something that came to me, I probably posted it in the wrong place, should have posted in the ideas category. Sorry 'bout that

I third this request. Volume control is essential for any streaming media player and offers many usability benefits. Thank you to the devs for your attention to this feature request.

@remo-fiore i absolutely agree remo…


yes for now I just use my computers main volume when I adjust, but I think it would be helpful. It’s funny I see this on other streaming platforms, so I know it’s useful, but… at the moment, I can’t actually think of why it’s different from master volume…

Well maybe when you have your studio monitors like I have, and you like to have your main computer volume set at a certain volume, but besides that I’m just realizing I need someone to tell me why this is useful in general lol. Thanks for bringing this up!

@khaiim well i´m sometimes playing a game (warthunder) when i need a break from producing… i listen to new music while i´m playing… but even if the volume in the game is set to max some musicoin tracks are way too loud… there´s simply no way around having a seperate volume control for each player/program/tab you´re using simultaneously…


@vander-lamp Thank you. I was thinking of just listening to one sound at a time, but that makes sense, cause if you’re playing a game you might want to hear the alerts and whatever noises interact with the game, but listen to musicoin music. Alot of games have a setting where you can disable the game music, but still here the game sounds so you can listen to your own music.
Great example, I can picture you trying to lower down musicoin, but not being able to hear the game
AND trying to raise the game sounds but then forcing musicoin really loud lol

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