? I don’t get it.

Not really a prediction since it is actual… But I do hope the value skyrockets in the future hahahaha It’s still a long shot though.

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Given there will be around 1 billion coins in total, I would say it is possible that the price will be somewhere between 1-10$ in the next 2 years, so a marketcap between 1-10 billions usd, in my opinion.

But this is highly dependend on the dev team and the success of this product, also not to mention the total crypto market cap, which I think will be at around 5 trillion in the next 2 years.

Not to forget, these are just blind predictions, with no real world evidence backup.

In the meantime, I think we will see a lot of pump and dump schemes beeing pulled on this coin, like it happened in dec-jan.

I agree with you too @buleumarius I hope to see the Musicoin between 5 and 15$ no more. See you in 2020.

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