I would love to be able to live stream (audio or audio/visual) on a platform that is as supportive and great as Musicoin.

Yeah live stream would be a good idea, you can always use youtube and other streaming platforms like Musicoin Plays does until they add something like that.


@hydro-hellsing i wish musicoin will feature video in the future… if that happens then i’ll be transfering all my videos here from youtube… almost half of youtube is music… imagine if in the future that pie goes to musicoin… then is bye-bye for youtube …

@hydro-hellsing For sure, I use Periscope currently but have tried so many and they all suck for various reasons, lol. I can’t get any views streaming on Youtube.

@asterios-papastamatakis That’s what I’d do too, youtube has a policy that doesn’t allow videos with instrumentals or I’d make AMV’s or something for my music.

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