I would like to submit our Bossa Nova Jazz song, ‘Road’ for the contest! Hope you all like it!!

So many fantastic choices!

Here’s mine: Sleazeball Devil Blues. I wrote it after the promoter was disrespectful to me at the show. Has a lapsteel solo. Thanks for organising this competition

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This is gonna be a GREAT WEEK! 🎷 🎷 🎷

@martin-reed-0 hi there folks i am martin (topher) reed who hails from the quaint little city of cardiff. i have been playing the guitar since the age of 7 and recording my own material since the age of 15. for those of you who are interested in this type of stuff my influences are first and foremost . frank zappa , the beatles , noel gallagher’s high flying bird’s the stone roses , 1990’s underground techno & house , Frank Zappa Civilizations phase 3 plus the awesome soundtrack to the 1979 film ,THE BLACK HOLE & frank zappas lumpy gravey gear set up is ableton live 9 suite. pod farm 2. ( for all guitar lushness & bass enhancements) & an array of electro harmonix fx , with the addition of a secret line 6 box , plus the occasional wah . fender jaguar, ibanez bass, stylus rmx & omnisphere , takamine acoustic & prs se .

i recommend that you should listen to these songs on good headphones. but if you got a banging hi-fi setup .EVEN BETTER 🙂


Oooh Jazz and Blues, I need to listen to all submissions! Here’s mine, some Slow Jazz vibes with a cool sax solo 😄

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