@Asterios-Papastamatakis Cheers man! It’s a heavy blues track with lots of guitar breaks, I thought it would fit the criteria perfectly!
Thanks again!

I nominate these 3 stompin’ bluesy lapsteel slide guitar driven tunes:

“Wings” -
An uplifting thumpin’ blues tune about finding the thing that gives you wings to fly high in life!

• “Lucky Man Story,” - following the age-old blues tradition of storytelling intermingled with song delivered by a one-man band playing all instruments simultaneously without any loops or overdubs:

• “Nobody’s Slave Nobody’s Master,” - a slide guitar gospel blues number. Wait for the incredible African-American Gospel guest singer, Lisa Hunt, from New York (she’s got pipes in the same ilk as Aretha Franklin):

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Hi there

We have recoreded the track “Cruel World” of our new concept album “I” together with the Swiss Jazz (trumpet-) legend Peter Schärli. We hope you like his solo / improvisation.

This is a contemporary jazz tune with some help from a very talented flugelhorn player, T. Molina.

Hello, here is my jazz track, kinda samba harb bop jazz vibes! Hope you all enjoy!


I would like to submit our Bossa Nova Jazz song, ‘Road’ for the contest! Hope you all like it!!

So many fantastic choices!

Here’s mine: Sleazeball Devil Blues. I wrote it after the promoter was disrespectful to me at the show. Has a lapsteel solo. Thanks for organising this competition

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