The Forum's Crazy

We’re running a new experiment to see whether the community likes this layout and if we can continue with this. Please report any issues that you may face here and we’ll try to address it.


i think its great … looks cooler and more professional… found no issues till now , im going around if i see anything wrong ill write it here 🙂

@vg Well I don’t know if I like the layout lol, it’ll take some getting used to. But the only issue that happened was small, when I started this topic it didn’t do anything until I went to the home page meaning when I was in general discussions it wouldn’t bring up the text editor, than the editor popped up to create it at the home page.

it’s not 2018’s web design. Looks so weird


@metkraming No, it’s 2025 web design look 😄 I see it as a greaaat improvement, both fancier and clearer than the previous layout.


Ah, I got a question which goes beyond the forum’s layout topic: would it be possible to link tightly Musicoin’s main page (where we upload the songs) and this forum ?

For instance, it’d be great to find, from the main page search box, typing an artist name, all her/his forum contributions.

Another fruitful innovation would be to reward (with $MUSIC) the Musicoiner’s forum activity, based on certain “objective” parameters (e.g. the number of “likes” his posts received, if he published ideas that allowed the creation of a
Musicoin dApp, opinions that enriched the Musicoin ecosystem, etc.)


also it would be nice to be able to connect from ones profile in the forum to his channel in musicoin 🙂

I really enjoy the visual feel of this layout! Great Work! However, There are some issues with login, as I tried two different browsers and got the same thing: First, when you click “login” it begins to load the page as it should, but then goes on to a never ending loop, the page never actually loading. I was able to successfully get the page to load by pointing the cursor at the end of the URL in the bar and manually pressing enter. Second, the page you then usually get, the “signup” page, is supposed to let you click a link at the bottom that says: “Already have an account”, but when you click it, you also get the never ending loop, and trying to manually reload the URL only loads the same page again. I was finally able to login using the “signup with google”, even though I already had an account. It would be nice if this problem was looked into…
As Asterios also mentioned, inter site connectivity has long been an issue, as I never was able to access the forum from my being logged in my actual Musicoin profile, the only way I found was to logout from the main site and create a separate profile on the forum, using my google account credentials…


@maelstrohmblack when im logged in musicoin i can access the forum by pressing the ‘‘visit musicoin forum’’ without any problem … what i meant was that if i’m in the forum and i want to access your profile in musicoin to listen to your songs it would be nice to be able to press a link to leave the forum and get to your profile and songs in musicoin . 🙂

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