MUSIC / Musicoin buy now looking good.

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  • From the article :

    "I am told MUSIC has an unlimited supply of coins. Nowhere in the official Musicoin announcements or descriptions was this stated. With a 15 second Block time, and 314 MUSIC coins per Block, the number of coins will quickly spiral out of control. The coin is barely a month old and already has 100 million in circulation. That puts it at somewhere around 1 billion coins each year, with no plans to cap the number.

    So far the price is taking this into account and staying relatively low. Personally, I would be much more likely to give this a positive recommendation if they were transparent, but they are obviously trying to hide this information from anyone looking into the coin."

    Is that true? I was sure I read somewhere that they added a cap??

  • Well this is not exactly true, it says on the different official doc available online that :

    • It's not cap at the moment
    • they will massively decrease the coins per block at the end of Q4 2018 and drop a difficulty bomb.
    • They will adjust the supply after that

    ref here :

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