New STEVEE EP exclusively released on Musicoin

Check out my new 3-song EP released exclusively on Musicoin, April 12. It’s the first three songs on my page:

When The Girls Come Out To Play
Pinch of Salt
Girl In The Crowd

I fervently believe in Musicoin. You could say I’m an evangelist for the cause. It’s a shining model of fairness in a world where both artists and fans have been treated rudely for too many long years. I remember my first record deal. It was with EMI in the early 1990s. I earned a paltry royalty, a fraction of the record’s selling price. If you’re old enough you will remember paying 15 pounds or so Sterling for a new CD release back in the bad old days. Fans were lumbered with having to pay through the nose. All the piggies at the trough, the record companies, intermediaries etc had to feed, and being piggies there wasn’t much for left for the people who actually thought up and created the magic. Musicoin has turned the model on its head and long may it reign. I’m here for the long haul. Rock on…

Peace, Love, Rock


Great work @stevee ! I am listening in loop! Amazing guitar playing!


BIG THANKS to UBI and Musicoin for tipping this 1000! It’s a nice shock and you rock!

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