Serious London nightlife history session alert. Controlled Weirdness chats in depth to NoYeahNo and Warlock about their involvement in underground London rave history and memories of growing up and first getting into electronic dance music as well as the burgeoning rave and club culture of the late 80’s and 90’s.

They discuss early musical influences, the birth of acid house and what it was like playing on influential pirate radio stations of the time such as Fantasy FM and Pulse FM. Also pioneering clubs from the era are mentioned, Heaven, Club Knowledge, AWOL, Labyrinth and many more. They then chat about the birth of their label Rag and Bone Records in 2003, some of the artists and tunes they have released over the years, and the continued mutation and evolution of underground bass culture in the capital and finally what they’re up to now. Dive in for a proper heads up of life at the dance. A past and present journey through the history of London after dark.

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