suggestion for Musicoin 'To add A URL Shortener for the Artist Web Page Addresses

Is this legit?

I think I will wait for musicoin themselves to implement the feature.


Would be great to have an url shortener, indeed!

Use the or for URL shortener because these are the best URL shortener. You can use the paid version of the shortener and then you will be paid for the click link. Contact iCloud customer service for any of issue in using shortener.


Hello @rogger007 , and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂 Thanks for your two services suggestion! I haven’t used them till now, but will give them a try.

Have you also seen that @vg mentionned another URL shortener (here: with the advantage that it’s linked to “Hard Data”, the electronic music magazine 😛

Any Musicoin-related technical or design improvement you may share through this Forum will be highly appreciated - and possibly included in the “New Design Masterplan” we’re preparing for 2018 Q4 😄

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