Explaining In Layman's terms to bring on new users

I’m pretty much of a newbie here, but see the huge potential for musicoin. I understand blockchain technology somewhat, but my biggest issue is understanding and being able to explain to an artist exactly what and how musicoin and blockchain technology is and works.
I deal with a lot of musicians and most of them are very confused by the concept.
I would love to see something we can present in layman’s terms so it is easier to understand. I see this same issue with trying to explain bitcoin to musicians as an example. It has to be something that the everyday person can understand. Bottom line for most musicians is how do I make money doing this, how easy is it for me to do and how easy is it for my fans.
It has to be something very easy to understand and what is out there now is not. I am pretty computer/internet savvy and it is very tough for me.
If there was some kind of easily understandable script or numbered points to hit I think subscribers could go through the roof.
Most of the questions I hear are the same and if there were ready made simple answers it could make a real difference.
I feel like I am explaining something that makes no sense to possible users. And when explained to me it seems somewhat overwhelming. Maybe that is not possible. I don’t know. I do know if it is not easy for someone to use and understand, most musicians will not put in the time.
The two question I hear the most when talking about musicoin to a musician are:

  1. How is money created from basically nothing.
  2. How do I get paid if I want to cash in musicoin.

It may seem like I am somewhat slamming MC, but I’m not. From my very basic knowledge or crytocurrency and blockchain technology I see something that could be huge, but I see the difficulty in understanding how it works from what I’ve done to learn more.

Thanks for listening.

There is some explanation on the home page but I agree that it should be made clearer.


@jack I’m not saying it answers all your questions, but here you can find a few. Feel free to ask for more detail in order for us to add to the document.


I wrote a step by step article that might be of help to you, Jack, here is the link:
Turn your Musicoin into MONEY!


@maelstrohmblack 🙂 very nice article 🙂 bittrex has opened again for new accounts maybe you can add this 🙂

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