Playlists are becoming a great way of showcasing certain genres of music and speaking from experience on other sites they are a great way of getting more plays on your music if you get included on one. So maybe you could like do a monthly Musicoin playlists which you could maybe showcase the most popular songs from the website and then give your members a chance to compile their own playlists. I think if you let users tip the playlist composer too as well as each track getting it’s normal royalty. Also maybe a cap on how many tracks on each playlist as they can tend to get a bit boring if there are more than like 50 tracks ?? Just a few ideas I thought i’d throw out there … thanks

Not a bad idea at all, it will be a great incentive for listeners too. They could become playlist curators which wouldn’t be bad.

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@restless-natives I like this idea a lot. It has worked very well for Spotify. It’s how a lot of unknown musicians have taken off.


we are improving APIs and new site view. we can be develop playlist, more useful embedded players, desktop app, mobile apps and device apps what community need requirements when APIs are developed.

ideas category is so important for us. we are following your ideas and your feeds back. we are saving the necessary notes.
so feel free to give your ideas.

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@hayrullah-cansu Just keep going guys. I love what you have done so far. Thank you 🙂

@hayrullah-cansu You guys are doing a great job excellent


Definitely agree with all your points! Have you checked the embedded playlist BETA 0.4?

  1. It could be used to create a monthly playlist of top tracks, as you suggested. So far it’s just being updated daily with 1 new artist who posts on the forum thread, but you could base it on most tipped, most played, genre, or whatever you love!

  2. As for customizing your own, yes the instructions are right there on the thread

  3. I agree. The BETA started with 5 tracks, and I think it won’t go longer than the traditional top 40, but again since YOU customize it, you decide how short or long it is. BETA 0.4 also includes SKIP and SHUFFLE mode, to answer you concern about getting boring

  4. Oh yeah the point about tipping the composer, there’s a note to send a tip if you enjoy it in the bottom, and you could just change this link from the default to YOUR artist address, when you make a new playlist


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