How To Use To Get More Plays For Your Musicoin Tracks

I just wrote an article on Steemit on how to get more plays for your tracks using

Think of as a random jukebox.

More details in the article:

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GReat idea! Thanks for the support!

This is awesome! The ACR platform is a wonderful way for musicians to get more plays on every major streaming platform and now you outdo yourself by adding Musicoin! Hats off to you, Sir! Great Work!


@maelstrohmblack Thank you very much!

@juxta joined my new full length album to your site about an hour ago using my Musicoin links. Looking forward to seeing the numbers and interactions rise! Thanks for the opportunity at ACR. I’m certainly ready for the day that musicoin gets itself out of beta. Then we’ll all really be able to go hard sharing this platform. Until then it’s a slow grind, so I Thank U for providing an outlet for us to shine.


@breez You’re very welcome!

Exciting new update coming this afternoon too! Watch this space…

I registered. On the “My Details” page there is no “Musicoin Tracks” section and so I do not see the “Add a Musicoin Track” button. How can I publish links to my tracks?

This is a great project! I also see that it works!


Thank you @Spidola

Thanks for this post, i have been having trouble getting around this has helped greatly.

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