Difficult to discover new artists

I found it quite difficult to discover music on Musicon.

Basically from the UI there are only three ways to discover new music and artists.

Artist of the week. Top played. Top tipped.

I hope more ways to discover new music can be introduced in the feature. A base of genres. A base of cities and countries. (Like how the good old Bandcamp did quite a good job on).

Not sure if this issue has been discussed before but yeah.

Future* not feature. Sorry for the typo.

Ohh a late realization that the ‘discover’ button next to the profile picture would bring me to a different page with more columns.

You can also click on a track’s tags to see more stuff with the same tag.

I do agree with the basic premise though. I really liked the last.fm thing, where it recommends music based on what other people who like the same stuff listen to.

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