Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 13]!

** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 13]

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Check artists here
Naked Gun
Joanne Cooper
Darren Claxton
Fragile Tom

Thanks for the nomination! I appreciate it

wow what a difficult choice to make this week …some great artists here and such a variety which is good, I’m loving the synth-pop of Fragile Tom, Darren Claxton’s storytelling and the power of Naked Gun…will have to listen some more before i decide…

Darren’s my choice ❤ With Fragile Tom as a runner-up… Good luck guys!


Oh man, they are all great, but Naked Gun gets me with every song, that power is epic!

As usual, an awesome collection of artists to choose from. However my vote goes to Fragile Tom. Love his synth work. Great tracks.


Difficult choice but Fragile Tom got my vote. Well crafted songs with a Depeche Mode like sound. Well produced.

@petrajordan1 Thanks for the support ♥ 🎸

Thanks for the ongoing support for my music! You’re all beauts!


Just sent a vote bullet to Naked Gun. You’re “Gone for Good” to the top, guys 🙂

Les seuls Québecois que j’aie vus sur scéne sont les amis de feu “Banlieue Rouge” (il y a… quelques années ;-)), et vous déménagez au moins autant qu’eux 😛

Fragile Tom gets my vote Second would be Joanne Cooper

Great choices but Darren is a good friend of mine and also one of my favourite indie artists I found in 2018, so my vote goes to @Darren-Claxton-0!

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